Experienced in network, database and web development

Intelligent Devices

Intelligent Assistant for Internet devices. Voice control of mobile & home equipment. Machine learning using embedded apps in JavaScript to Java backends on AWS. Testing & training by custom Android app followed by iterative improvement on cloud. Automated CI/CD docker pipeline

Cloud Web Services

Developing scalable microservice backends for mobile applications, exposed as REST endpoints, integrating to REST & SOAP backends. Automated deployment to AWS clusters. Monitoring with New Relic

Image Data Center

Remote sensing data spans petabytes. It is collected each day and world-wide. Only regions of interest are normally processed further, the raw imagery is archived on magnetic tape. Extracting and processing these data-set requires enterprise-class databases with message driven processing. Data was transformed to customer-products & batch-replicated over regions worldwide.

Mobile Phones

Positioning software for Nokia N900 & N9 Linux phones. REST connection to load-balanced application servers, rendering from Navteq & satellite datasets. Backend feed for Navteq map updates. Testing with QTest & Spirent

Service Delivery Platform

Designed Hewlett-Packard Service Delivery Platform for mobile operators & ISPs as part of European team. Development of network location server with HP OpenCall. On-site projects with operators such as NTT-DoCoMo, Telia-Sonera, Vodafone & ATT-Wireless.

Network Equipment

Building Nokia Broadband Access system from requirements to implementation. VoIP with Mobile-IP in WLAN with handover to GSM networks. Patents on security, mobility & intelligent networks. Statistics collection from Cisco routers to Oracle database. Developed Nokia Network Management System for fixed & mobile network. Configuring transmission & switches. C++ objects persisted to Oracle.

Synthetic Aperture Radar

Satellite data calibration of Synthetic Aperture Radar images. Developed image processing software for analysis & classification of satellite image data. Using network of Sun Sparcstations for image processing. Working with ESA & NASA-JPL. Statistical models for distribution fit & moment estimates. Crop monitoring for EU & Brazilian Space Research Institute.

Mobile Services

Working with Network Equipment Providers & IT suppliers for hosting web services in Vodafone data centers. User repository & identity management across multiple databases. Coordinating with Vodafone operators & partners to deploy mobile web services. Modeled in UML with Enterprise Architect & implemented in Java / XML. Prototyping new services such as VoIP (SIP).

Air Traffic Radar

Analysis & development of air-traffic-control radar calibration system for correction of air-traffic-plots using forward-backward Kalman filters & accuracy improvement using wavelets.

Spectrum Analyzer

Development of FFT Spectrum Analyzer Instrument. Digital signal processing routines in C & Motorola 68000 assembler with DSP hardware, Cross-compiled & downloaded to 68000 target board with HP64000 in-circuit-debugger. Hardware design of digital phase-locked loop card for synchronisation with external signals.