Java, Spring, SQL, JavaScript, C++, AWS

I am an engineer working in the development of enterprise, web and data platforms. I am here to assist you delivering software for on-device, on-premise or cloud.

Hands-on experience with real industrial projects.

Working with companies such as : Schlumberger, ESA, Eurocontrol, Nokia, Hewlett-Packard, Vodafone, Planet Labs, Samsung, ...

Competence in Java, JavaScript, SQL and C++. In English or German, on-site or remote.

Java Programmer (OCAJP), Spring Certified Professional, SQL Database (OCA), AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate


Understanding of engineering fundamentals in computation, communication & networks allows contribution over a wider stack. Hands-on development has been undertaken with instruction-level coding, runtime-executives, applcation-level multiuser systems (mostly Unix/Linux) & cloud.


Projects have been undertaken in multiple industries. Many have required knowledge in several programming languages, typically Java, C++/C & JavaScript, as well as databases & networking. Being trained in electronic engineering with a specialization in digital processing, means numerical & algorithmic aspects can be addressed


The software process depends on industry, target & runtime-environment. Experience ranges from embedded to virtual-machine environments. Mission-critical eg. aerospace, can use restricted toolsets, whereas web & enterprise usually have more open environments (eg. JVM,Containers,Cloud). Tools used from requirements-capture, through development to delivery & monitoring.